We are the

Canada’s largest union with over 680,000 members.


Collective Bargaining

Negotiating and enforcing strong contracts – called Collective Agreements – for our members is what we do best. The solidarity of our members is the heart of our bargaining power and makes gains possible. CUPE Staff Representatives with our Locals to build strong communities and achieved better wages, benefits, pensions and fair treatment for workers across Canada.

Democratic Union

As a strong and democratic union, CUPE is committed to improving the quality of life for workers in Canada. CUPE is committed to Local Autonomy where workers democratically decide bargaining priorities and action. Women and men working together to form local unions built CUPE. They did so to have a stronger voice – a collective voice – in their workplace and in society as a whole.


CUPE advocates for workers who deliver services people depend on. Our members work in hospitals, schools, municipalities, and many other public and private workplaces. We help our members provide the highest level of service by ensuring they are safe and healthy at work, and that they get fair pay and benefits for the services they provide. We have made Canada a better place for millions of workers and their families.